Federal Antidrug Money Use OK’d For Meth, Coke

The change is buried in a massive spending bill passed by Congress late last year. Pressed by constituents and state officials, lawmakers of both parties and the Trump administration agreed to broaden the scope of a $1.5 billion grant program restricted to the opioid crisis.

IL Police Struggle to Make Sense of New Law on Pot

Just a few weeks into the uncharted waters of legal adult-use cannabis in Illinois, some suburban Chicago police departments are facing challenges of not just training officers but also educating members of the public who mistakenly think the state has entered a “legal free-for-all,” in the words of one police chief.

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Does Legalizing Pot Drive Crime Rates Up or Down?

A recent paper found that after Washington State legalized recreational marijuana in 2012, rapes decreased by as much as 30 percent, and thefts by 20 percent. But half of sheriffs surveyed in states that have legalized pot say crime rates have increased.