Will Legalizing Pot Cause More Traffic Deaths?

A recent JAMA study found that if every state were to legalize recreational marijuana use, there would be 6,800 more traffic fatalities each year. The authors, who acknowledge that there may be other factors involved, join others in demonstrating that marijuana legalization may decrease road safety.

Why Justice Still Eludes Crack Offenders

The First Step Act, passed in 2018, was intended to remedy the disproportional racial impact of America’s drug laws with sentencing reductions for nonviolent crack offenses. But many circuit judges have ignored Congress’ intent, making them “complicit in a decades-old mass incarceration scheme,” writes a legal scholar from Wesleyan University.

Marijuana Laws ‘Central’ to Justice Reform, Advocates Say

As protests against racism continue to march on across the country, conversations have sparked a new dialogue about policing and marijuana legalization. Advocates say “drug policy is a social justice issue” and that by legalizing marijuana, unwanted negative and racially-charged interactions with the police will subside.

Advocates Call for Ending ‘Forever War’ Against Drugs

Using punitive justice system tools to combat street drug dealers is a waste of resources that could be better oriented towards addressing the public health issues linked to addiction and substance abuse, leading advocates said during the second day of the John Jay Justice Innovations Conference.