The Latin American Drug Cartel You’ve Never Heard of

While the attention of organized crime specialists and the international media has focused on the notorious drug cartels of Mexico and Colombia, Brazil’s little-known Primeiro Comando da Capital is emerging as the Western hemisphere’s most potent crime threat. A new report calls the trafficking group South America’s “most powerful prison gang” ― and warns its operations are quietly expanding.


Record Overdose Deaths in 12-Month Period: CDC

From May 2019 through May 2020, 80,000 Americans lost their lives to a drug overdose. Officials blame social and economic disruptions caused by the pandemic. “It’s the highest that I can remember since being in this field. So it’s tremendously disturbing,” says Dr. John McIlveen of the Oregon Health Authority.

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Why COVID-19 Makes Marijuana Enforcement a Waste of Resources

 “Over-policing” of marijuana is not only taking a human toll on communities, but a financial toll at a time of shrinking budgets resulting from the pandemic, argue two former prosecutors and a retired police officer. They urge the Senate to approve the historic legalization bill already passed in the House.