Some Opioid Victims Feel Betrayed by Trump Budget

President Trump’s budget proposal released this week would reduce funding for addiction treatment, research and prevention. Some see the moves as a painful betrayal of Americans whose families have been devastated by addiction and trusted the president’s repeated pledges to make them a priority.

Stop Fixating on Drugs, Colombian President Tells U.S.

Colombian President Juan Santos, who met President Trump at the White House last week, says the U.S. needs to change its hardline drug policy to focus on harm-reduction and the wider illicit activities conducted by transnational crime syndicates.

Workers’ Positive Drug Tests Highest in Twelve Years

Quest Diagnostics said marijuana remains the most commonly used drug among U.S. workers and was identified in 2.5 percent of urine tests 2016, up from 2.4 percent a year earlier. Workers in states that permit recreational marijuana use appear to be picking up the habit. The number of workers testing positive in Colorado rose 11 percent; in Washington—9 percent.