Senators Demand Report on Opioid Law

Democrats say federal agencies are six months behind on a required report on the law that prevented the Drug Enforcement Administration from acting against companies accused of sending large quantities of addictive painkillers to the black market.

Fires Threaten California Pot Legalization

Thirty four marijuana farms were extensively damaged by fires in Northern California. Because the federal government considers marijuana cultivation and sales a criminal enterprise, it remains difficult or impossible for most marijuana businesses affected by the fire to get insurance, mortgages and loans to rebuild.

Blindsided Officials Scramble to Finish Trump Opioid Plan

President Trump overrode his own advisers when he promised to deliver an emergency declaration next week to combat the nation’s worsening opioid crisis. Officials are scrambling to develop such the plan. It is unclear when it will be announced, how or if it will be done, and whether the administration has the permanent leadership to execute it.

Opioid Emergency Order Could Include Untested Actions

The president’s promised declaration of a national opioid emergency would give the Trump administration novel and untested powers: broad authority to waive patient privacy laws, divert funds and give immunity to medical professionals and first responders. Without a formal proclamation, it’s impossible to know which of these powers Trump intends to use.

Tom Marino

Marino Withdraws As Drug Czar Nominee, Trump Says

Rep. Tom Marino (R-PA) was featured in a Washington Post-“60 Minutes” report on how he helped steer legislation making it harder to act against giant drug companies. President Trump said he will make a “major announcement, probably next week” about how his administration plans to tackle the “massive problem” of opioid addiction.

U.S. Indicts Two Chinese Nationals for Selling Fentanyl

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announced the indictments Tuesday, saying that the pair ran one of the world’s most prolific drug trafficking and money laundering organizations. Officials say U.S. customers could purchase pure fentanyl and other dangerous drugs online directly from Chinese factories.