Hunting the Internet’s Sex Predators

The director of a recent Netflix documentary on child sex-traffickers has called for legislation restricting commercial sex sites. But an expert on human trafficking argues police need them to identify –and save—the victims.

Who’s Responsible for Repairing ID Theft?

Most private companies provide only token compensation when their customers’ online data is stolen. They should be required to do more, says a former U.S. Navy cyberspecialist.

How Online Predators Outgun Police

Child porn offenders deploy an ever-evolving arsenal of tools, including encryption, peer-to-peer networks and the Dark Web, in a cross-border technological “arms race” that is outstripping law enforcement’s ability to track and catch them.

Can We Stop Online Violence?

A program called E-Responder, launched by the NYC Citizens Crime Commission last year, helps anti-violence workers identify risky posts on social media before they go viral–and has already reported successes in violence intervention. The group’s president says it’s worth a look by other cities, and by social media providers like Facebook.