New ‘Bureau of Cyberspace’ Will Guard U.S. Digital Security

As part of the latest overhaul by the Biden administration aimed at treating cyber threats as a top-tier national-security issue, the State Department is creating a new bureau of cyberspace and digital policy to be led by a Senate-confirmed ambassador-at-large and a new, separate special envoy for critical and emerging technology.


How Predictive Policing Can Criminalize Kids’ Online Searches

An algorithm-based program operated by the UK police identifies youth who have displayed an online interest in cybercrime tools, with a view to staging an early intervention. Such “predictive policing” technologies, which are also used to identify potential gang members, have potentially harmful impacts, writes a London solicitor.


DOJ Forms Cryptocurrency Team to Fight Internet Criminals

The new team will go after the financial entities that enable online criminality through cryptocurrency exchanges. The team will be under the supervision of Assistant Attorney General Kenneth Polite Jr. and will also help to trace and recover assets lost to fraud and extortion.