How Online Predators Outgun Police

Child porn offenders deploy an ever-evolving arsenal of tools, including encryption, peer-to-peer networks and the Dark Web, in a cross-border technological “arms race” that is outstripping law enforcement’s ability to track and catch them.

Can We Stop Online Violence?

A program called E-Responder, launched by the NYC Citizens Crime Commission last year, helps anti-violence workers identify risky posts on social media before they go viral–and has already reported successes in violence intervention. The group’s president says it’s worth a look by other cities, and by social media providers like Facebook.

Big Brother Online: Policing and the Cloud

Government agencies, including law enforcement, are able to access more of our personal data stored online than ever before. A Vanderbilt Law School professor says it’s time to develop a “21st century framework” for stronger privacy protection.

Trump Misses Cybersecurity Report Deadline

President-elect Trump vowed in January that, “My people will have a full report on hacking within 90 days!” Yesterday, at the 90-day mark, there is no team, there is no plan, and there is no clear answer from the White House on who would even be working on what, Politico reports,