Have You Been Zoom-Bombed? Experts Blame Security Flaws, China Ties

The company is facing a backlash from users worried about the lack of end-to-end encryption of meeting sessions and “zoombombing,” where uninvited guests crash into meetings. A study published last week found new and significant security flaws in Zoom, including ties to China, and the company is reportedly facing several investigations on data privacy and security.

‘Party Crashers’ Hacking Zoom During COVID-19

A former agent said, “Cyber criminals are targeting video conferencing sites like Zoom, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic.” The FBI says people using apps like Zoom should sure everyone’s software is updated, not make meetings or classrooms public and to provide links directly to users.


Coronavirus and Cybercrime: A Perfect Storm?

Experts fear cybercriminals will focus on large corporations which rely on markets and supply chains originating in China and other areas affected by the coronavirus. The European Central Bank (ECB) has already warned banks to prepare for a possible jump in the number of cyber attacks exploiting fears of the pandemic.