California Sues Over Removal Fees

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra filed extortion and money laundering charges against the owners of a website that publishes mugshot photos and charges a fee to remove them. He is targeting, which pulls photos and identifying information about criminal suspects from law enforcement departments around the U.S.

Cybercrime Extortion Group Member Arrested in Serbia

The FBI appears to have made headway in cracking a cybercrime extortion group that has plagued health and dental clinics, schools, law firms and Hollywood production companies since 2016. Serbian authorities, saying they were working with the FBI, arrested a 38-year-old man, believed to be a member of The Dark Overlord.

supreme court

Will the Roberts Court Defend Online Fake News?

A professor at the University of California Davis School of Law predicts Supreme Court justices will defend the First Amendment principles of free speech against government attempts to curb Internet abuses—even when those abuses involve promoting falsehoods online.

U.S. Charges Nine Iranians in Goverment-Sponsored Hacking

The hacking scheme allegedly pilfered sensitive information from hundreds of universities, private companies and government agenciess. The Iranian defendants were accused on Friday of working at the behest of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps to steal large quantities of academic data from hundreds of universities in the U.S. and abroad.

Can Alexa Testify Against You?

As virtual assistants like Amazon’s Alexa become part of our lives, they also open up new threats to privacy. A researcher argues that both the First and Fourth Amendments should protect customers from unwarranted attempts to use virtual content as evidence.