Criminal Case Possible in Fatal Oakland Warehouse Fire

Prosecutor Nancy O’Malley is investigating possible criminal violations in last weekend’s fire that killed dozens. Law Prof. Robert Weisberg says a property owner can be held liable if “a reasonable person under the circumstances would have realized there was some high probability of death.”

Richard Tremblay Gets Stockholm Criminology Prize

Tremblay is cited for research on predictors of violence among youth. Using the predictors to select children in Montreal for intensive support resulted in a 34 percent reduction in criminal records by age 24 compared with aggressive children not in the program. Tremblay is Emeritus Professor of Pediatrics, Psychiatrry and Psychology at the University of Montreal.

New Orleans Shooting Despite Big Police Presence

One person was killed and nine were injured on Bourbon Street while nearby officers heard the shots. “We’ve made a strong message that this was not the time or place to bring firearms,” said Police Superintendent Michael Harrison. “This was not something that should have happened.”

W.Va. Man Had 15-Year Criminal History Before Murders

Pennsylvania newspaper explores how John Wayne Strawser Jr. repeatedly was charged with domestic violence offense before he murdered a man in Pennsylvania and allegedly killed his former girlfriend in West Virginia. The newspaper says the case is marked by “breakdowns within the criminal justice system.”