Fund for Nassar Victims Remains Frozen for Months

A $10 million fund set up by Michigan State University to pay for counseling for victims of the former MSU doctor convicted of sexually abusing patients suspended payments in July and will not resume its work for at least three or four more months. The university cited fraudulent claims against the fund in making the time-consuming move to a new vendor.

Sex Trafficking: Can Private Investigators Fill Gaps Left By Police?

In Part Two of our investigation of America’s sex trafficking crisis, TCR finds a burgeoning “niche” industry of private nonprofit groups—many comprised of ex-cops or military operatives—who operate outside law enforcement. One former FBI agent maintains that if such groups didn’t exist, the picture would be a lot grimmer.


Elder Abuse: When Victims Balk, Should Prosecutors Press Charges?

Elders are often reluctant to press charges for abuse because they don’t want to lose the support of caregivers—even if those caregivers were responsible for the abuse—but prosecutors should try to persuade them otherwise, say some advocates. “A good prosecutor will do everything they can to try and persuade the victim to go forward with the case,” says Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum.