Chicago Leaders to Trump: Send Money, Not National Guard

Members of Chicago’s political class are getting a crash course on how President Donald Trump will govern, as they fretted over an executive order on immigration that could cost the city millions in federal funding and scrambled to respond to a Twitter threat to “send in the feds” to fix the city’s gun violence, the Chicago Tribune reports. The Democratic response to the Republican president’s moves was a unified one. On gun crime: Send us money to combat violence, but don’t dare send in the National Guard (which Trump did not mention). On immigration: Don’t cut our funding, but if you do, we’ll still protect immigrants from deportation and maintain our sanctuary city status.  

Mayor Rahm Emanuel responded to the president’s vague tweet on crime by saying he welcomed more federal resources to fight gun violence, but rejected the cable news network notion that the National Guard should start patrolling the city. “I’m against it, straight up,” Emanuel said.