Murder Rate Down in Camden, N.J., Prompting Optimism

There were 23 murders in the city of 74,000 last year, down 66 percent from 2012, when officials moved to reorganize the troubled police department. There now are more than 400 sworn police officers in Camden, a city spanning nine square miles, with cops told to approach the job “as guardians and not warriors.”

Expert Credits Police, Tech, Local Action for Crime Drop

The decline in violent crime has paved the way for the urban revival, and the urban revival has in turn help to stabilize neighborhoods and make them safer and better places to live, says Patrick Sharkey, author of “Uneasy Peace: The Great Crime Decline, the Renewal of City Life and the New War on Violence.” He says conservatives can undo the trend.

How Baltimore Tries to Cut Its High Homicide Toll

Even Chicago, which has shared Baltimore’s notoriety for violence, saw homicides fall last year, while Baltimore’s numbers continue to rise. Nobody is sure what to do. City officials are experimenting with almost anything that might whittle down last year’s homicide total of 343. The city is adding to a network of more than 750 high-definition cameras that follow people as they walk down the street.