Homicides Decline, But Report Warns Against ‘Complacency’

Homicide rates fell in April and May in most large cities as part of a general decline in street crime caused by restrictions imposed to contain COVID-19, but a report from Arnold Ventures adds “there’s reason to think 2020 will be more violent than 2019.”

Chicago Police Head Seeks Help After 100 Shootings

Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown called for other criminal justice entities to give his department “a little bit of help” in combating gun violence after a weekend that saw more than 100 people shot and several children murdered. Mayor Lori Lightfoot cited parts of the criminal justice system sidelined during the pandemic.

white collar

White-Collar Crime Rise Feared With Pandemic

“You’re going to see accounting fraud, you’re going to see insider trading, you’re going to see all sorts of misrepresentations,” Bridget Rohde, former Acting United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, told a University of Maryland panel.