Denver Police Find Problems With 1,000 Crime Reports

The police department says it “discovered some anomalies in how cases were being classified.” Chief Robert White ordered an audit of the relevant citywide crime statistics. The department has never explained what specific anomalies were found. CBS4 said the crime reports were downgraded in a way that improved department crime statistics.

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Feds, States Denied 226,000 of 17 Million Gun Applications in 2015: BJS Study

Pennsylvania led the five states which recorded the largest number of denials, according to a Bureau of Justice Statistics study of national data on firearms background checks released this week. The data showed the overall 1.4 percent denial rate in 2015 has stayed roughly the same over the two decades since passage of the Brady Act.

Round 2: Were Trump’s Prints on Skinnier FBI Report?

FiveThirtyEight noticed that the FBI’s 2016 Uniform Crime Report, the first released under the Trump administration, was missing 70 percent of the data tables that were included in past editions. The feds fired back, alleging a “false narrative” and claiming that plans to “streamline” the report date to 2010. FiveThirtyEight’s data sleuths are not convinced.

L.A. Chief Beck Calls Claims of False Crime Stats ‘Damn Lies’

In response to charges by a police captain that Los Angeles police is underreporting violent crime, Police Chief Charlie Beck says, “If I’m cooking the books, I’m not doing a good job,” pointing to a 4 percent increase in reported violent crime this year. The lawyer for the captain makeing the charge says she has “absolute proof” of “false crime statistics.”