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Americans Want Policing Reform But Reject Abolition: Gallup Poll

Abolishing the police was not a majority opinion held by any group in a Gallup poll released Wednesday, regardless of race, age, or political affiliation. Forty-seven percent of overall respondents said funds should be shifted from police departments to social services.


Homicides Decline, But Report Warns Against ‘Complacency’

Homicide rates fell in April and May in most large cities as part of a general decline in street crime caused by restrictions imposed to contain COVID-19, but a report from Arnold Ventures adds “there’s reason to think 2020 will be more violent than 2019.”


COVID-19 Pushes Global Prison Population to ‘Breaking Point’

Some 11 million people are in prison worldwide, with over 124 prisons exceeding their maximum occupancy rates–the highest number of imprisoned people ever recorded, and a 20 percent increase from when the world total was recorded in 2002. The overcrowding couldn’t have come at a worse time, says Penal Reform International.


Will the Virus-Related Decline in Crime Continue?

Two Italian researchers found a 40 percent reduction in most types of crime since a shelter-at-home advisory was announced in San Francisco and Oakland. Similar declines have been reported in other cities, but the researchers acknowledge more research is needed to understand the long-term impact of the coronavirus pandemic on criminal behavior.