crime scene

Can We Lower Urban Violence Without Police?

The common response to violence has traditionally involved law enforcement. But researchers and activists are turning to new community-based programs and practices that remove law enforcement from the center of the anti-violence conversation entirely, a webinar hosted by the Council on Criminal Justice heard Thursday.


‘You Can’t Solve Domestic Terrorism with an Algorithm’

Social media firms have been scrambling to crack down on domestic terrorist threats ahead of the inauguration and beyond, but experts say their efforts are only temporary solutions. For one thing, the lack of industry-wide coordination around the issue means fringe movements can easily migrate to smaller platforms, and often darker corners of the web, say the experts.

US Capitol

House Democrats Propose $400M for Police Reform

House Democrats in charge of funding the Justice Department want to provide $400 million for grants to carry out police reform initiatives, including $100 million for “pattern and practice investigations” of local police departments and $250 million for “independent investigation of law enforcement.”