Can Curfews Curb Gun Violence?

Following a particularly deadly week in East St. Louis, the mayor has enacted a new midnight to 6 a.m. curfew for “the foreseeable future” to keep people off the streets and reduce gun violence. To that end, experts have found that curfews actually increase violence, and caution against using them.


The Pros and Cons of Violence Interrupters

As violence interrupter programs grow in popularity, some research raises questions about their effectiveness. At the same tine, they have been thrust into the middle of a larger debate about whether public safety resources should be focused on traditional crimefighting strategies, including beefing up police ranks.

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How One Pennsylvania City Brought Down Gun Crime

At a time when Philadelphia and other large urban centers are seeing a surge in homicides and fatal shootings, homicides in the city of Chester, Pa., are down 63 percent this year, and fatal shootings are down 43 percent. What’s Chester doing right?


When the ‘Peacemakers’ Become Victims

The deaths of two Baltimore men this year who worked as violence interrupters underscore the under-reported and under-resourced peacemaking role played by community workers, often at great risk to themselves, on the streets of at-risk communities.


Is There a Link Between Airbnb and Neighborhood Crime Rates?

Airbnbs can have a positive impact in a neighborhood by generating new streams of economic activity. But community leaders should also address research showing that a high volume of short-term rentals indicates the kind of neighborhood instability that can be exploited by criminals, writes a sociology professor.