Anderson, Cullen, Giordano Awarded Stockholm Criminology Prizes

Elijah Anderson, whose pioneering studies of “street-corner culture” in Chicago and Philadelphia increased understanding of inner-city violence, won the 2021 Stockholm Prize in Criminology, the world’s most prestigious award in the field. Francis Cullen and Peggy Giordano, two scholars whose research changed thinking about the rehabilitation of former incarcerees, shared the 2022 award.


Sex Offenders: Fear vs. Fact on Halloween

Many states and local jurisdictions have enacted statutes restricting the activities of registered sex offenders at Halloween. But there is no evidence backing up claims that children are especially at risk from pedophiles during the holiday, writes a reform advocate. 


View from the Trauma Center: Why Gun Violence Persists

The young Black men most victimized by gun violence can tell us how to stop it, but “too often we ignore their voices,” criminologist Joseph Richardson tells Greg Berman in the latest installment of the Harry Frank Guggenheim “At The Crossroads” series.  


Curbing Violence: What Works

A review of four of the most commonly used violence reduction strategies by a Council on Criminal Justice working group makes clear that no single strategy was sufficient to curb the rising toll of deaths and injuries in at-risk neighborhoods. But each has produced promising results.

salinas town

Stopping Gun Violence, One Youth at a Time

A California farm town fights youth violence aided by a police-community outreach program that gives violent young men “a legitimate opportunity to participate in society in a meaningful way,” in the words of the local police chief.

Can Peer Pressure Break Cycles of Violence?

Grassroots violence intervention programs like Seattle’s Community Passageways offer counselling and mediation to young men at the center of the nation’s rise in homicides. “We’re saving people,” says neighborhood volunteer DeShaun Nabors.