Will Florida Ease Self-Defense Claims?

Gov. Rick Scott may sign a bill making it harder to prosecute when people say they commit violence in self-defense. The National Rifle Association and other advocates hope Florida starts a national trend in expanding the “stand your ground” defense.

Some Opioid Victims Feel Betrayed by Trump Budget

President Trump’s budget proposal released this week would reduce funding for addiction treatment, research and prevention. Some see the moves as a painful betrayal of Americans whose families have been devastated by addiction and trusted the president’s repeated pledges to make them a priority.

New Trump Travel Ban Rejected by Appeals Court

A 10-3 majority of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit says President Trump’s latest plan to deny visas to citizens of six majority-Muslim countries is “steeped in animus and directed at a single religious group.” Attorney General Jeff Sessions will take the issue to the Supreme Court.

New Immigration Database Exposes Crime Victim Data

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has a new system called the Victim Information Notification Exchange (Vine) that officials say allows victims of crimes committed by immigrants to track the status of their perpetrators. Civil rights advocates have discovered that the database includes immigrants who are crime victims themselves and are supposed to be shielded from public disclosures for safety reasons.