After the COVID-19 Release of Prisoners, Who Will Help Them?

Many of the individuals released from prison or jail to prevent the spread of coronavirus could end up in crowded shelters or similar places, where they will be just as vulnerable as they were inside, warns a former inmate. He calls on authorities to provide adequate resources to community organizations that can provide them with counseling and support.

Facial Recognition

Will Privacy Be Another Casualty of the Pandemic?

Countries like China and Russia have been quick to apply facial recognition technology and other forms of high-tech surveillance to monitor the spread of infections, but little is known so far about how these tools are being used in the U.S.


Rikers COVID-19 Outbreak Called ‘Public Health Disaster’

In just 12 days, confirmed cases at the Rikers Island jail complex in New York have soared from one to nearly 200, according to Ross MacDonald, the facility’s chief physician. He warned that it is “unlikely” they will be able to stop the growth, predicting that 20 percent of those infected will need hospital treatment. He called for the immediate release of incarcerees.

justice scales

More Data Seen Critical to Measuring Coronavirus Impact on Local Justice

The Measures for Justice (MFJ) project, which collects comparative data on the operation of local criminal justice systems nationwide, says it’s doubling down on its efforts so policymakers “can be in a better position to tackle all the same problems, ­and the new ones ­the coronavirus has left in its wake.” Data from a dozen more states will be published this year.

‘Party Crashers’ Hacking Zoom During COVID-19

A former agent said, “Cyber criminals are targeting video conferencing sites like Zoom, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic.” The FBI says people using apps like Zoom should sure everyone’s software is updated, not make meetings or classrooms public and to provide links directly to users.

Police Seek Trump Aid For Emergency Supplies

Police, firefighters and corrections officers are urging President Donald Trump to use his emergency authority to get them gloves and masks because scarce rations of protective gear are mostly going to health care workers. The White House says state officials are supposed to be in charge of helping emergency workers get protective gear.