COVID-19, the Commercial Sex Industry and Sex Trafficking

The pandemic has increased the number of women, men and children at risk of trafficking. But given the hidden nature of the crime, it is no surprise that anti-trafficking efforts appear to have had little impact on reducing victimization, writes the author of a book used to train law enforcement.


Pandemic Continues to Disrupt Incarceration and Policing

Just over a year since the pandemic hit American shores and began to spread, carceral facilities and police departments alike have seen copious amounts of change. Jails and prisons still battle deadly outbreaks, and law enforcement struggles with community relations and hiring new recruits.

Opioid Threat at ‘Epidemic Level’ as Cartels Sidestep Lockdowns

The American economy may have suffered serious disruption because of COVID-19, but it hasn’t apparently fazed drug traffickers. The 2020 annual threat assessment by the Drug Enforcement Administration says the flood of narcotics into the U.S. is “worsening both in volume and reach.”

LA County Quarantine Traps Thousands in Jail: Survey

Coronavirus restrictions have kept people, many of whom have not been convicted of a crime, in jail past their court dates, prevented them from receiving treatment, and denied them amenities such as hot meals and connections with the outside world, according to a 2020 survey.