How to Ensure Safe, Effective Release and Reentry in the Time of Coronavirus

The COVID-19 pandemic has injected a new meaning into the phrase “public safety.” It  requires not just the release of incarcerated individuals, but ensuring their release doesn’t further endanger their health and the health of the communities to which they return, writes a Washington, D.C,-based  attorney who specializes in sentencing and reentry issues.


Will Police Restraint in Quarantine Enforcement Last?

In some cities, police are reportedly “stacking” charges against violators of stay-at-home orders, reports the Center on American Progress. Many authorities still insist they will use fines and jail sentences only as a last resort; but as infection numbers grow, more hardline policing may be unavoidable.

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Learning the Lessons of Past Disasters: Don’t Leave Young People Behind

Following Hurricane Katrina, authorities failed to evacuate at-risk youths in the juvenile justice system, leaving them cut off from their families and without food or water. Unless governors and other state officials act quickly, the current pandemic will cause an even graver catastrophe, warns the president of Youth First Initiative.