Deadly Choice for Migrant Parents: Leave Kids or Risk COVID Infection

Responding to reports that a new Trump administration policy is forcing undocumented migrant parents to choose between family separation and indefinite detention in crowded facilities riven with COVID-19, a group of faith, law enforcement and policy leaders called Thursday for an immediate end to this “binary choice.”

#Say Their Names: Remembering Inmates Who Died

During the pandemic, many advocates and people who have family members incarcerated have been making sure that elected officials hear their voices — and their car horns. A procession organized in New Jersey Thursday honored those who died behind bars.

DOJ Made Releases Harder Under First Step Act

As the Justice Department announced that federal prisons would release vulnerable, nonviolent inmates to home confinement to avoid the spread of COVID-19, the agency adopted a policy making it more difficult for inmates to qualify for release. The result has been that more than 98 percent of inmates remain in federal custody.