central park 5

Justice Derailed: America’s Legacy of Sentencing the Innocent

The Central Park Five, freed after their conviction for a crime they didn’t commit, represent just one example of the ugly side of American justice. It’s a reminder of how important it is to prevent innocent people from being trapped by the justice system, writes a documentary filmmaker who investigates wrongful convictions.


The New Pioneers of Conviction Integrity

Conviction Integrity Unit prosecutors would probably say they are just “trying to do justice.”  In fact, they are pioneers in mobilizing a modernized understanding of how things go wrong in criminal justice, writes TCR’s Legal Affairs columnist. 


Is U.S. Legal System ‘Stacked Against Poor’?

Why do courts prosecute people for crimes that never happened? The answer, former New York City public defender Jessica Henry says in a conversation with TCR about her new book on U.S. legal practices, lies in the system’s reluctance to correct errors.