John Grisham

Wrongful Convictions: The Grisham Effect

Novelist John Grisham is an outspoken critic of the miscarriages of justice that put innocent people in jail. But his most valuable contribution, from a reformer’s perspective, has been to show the connection between the mistakes made by individuals and the system that nurtures them, says our legal affairs columnist.


Can We Prevent Wrongful Convictions?

The increasing number of exonerations around the country underlines the need for defense lawyers to double down on strategies of challenging faulty evidence, racial bias, and poor witnesses.

central park 5

In Exonerations, How You Communicate Matters

Which is more powerful: a good story, or a telling statistic? The success of the recent documentary on the Central Park 5 suggests effective storytelling can change public attitudes, but that might not be enough to change public policy, according to two scholars.