High Court Upholds Arizona Voting Rules

In a ruling announced Thursday, the justices said the “out-of-precinct” policy and the ban on “ballot harvesting” don’t violate the Voting Rights Act. But voting rights groups say the decision will curtail voting rights for minority constituents. 

Supreme Court Revives Police Excessive Force Case

The justices asked an appeals court to take another look at a lawsuit filed by the parents of a man who had died in police custody, ruling that not all the evidence had been examine. The move drew opposition from conservative members who said the court had bowed to fear of public criticism in the case on police violence.

Academics Urge Justice Breyer to Retire

A group of 18 legal academics has issued an open letter urging the 82-year-old Supreme Court justice to retire, thereby allowing President Joe Biden an opportunity to name his successor in case Republicans regain Senate control in the next election.