Supreme Court Decisions Uphold Police Qualified Immunity 

Following two cases concerning corrections officers accused of mistreating prisoners, in which one prisoner was kept in unsanitary conditions and the other was assaulted for no reason, the Court suggested that some cases are so egregious that no precedent was necessary to allow a plaintiff to sue.

Is It a ‘State Secret’ If Everyone Knows It?

The Supreme Court is set to consider the validity of treating publicly revealed information as a “state secret.” Both the Biden and Trump administrations insist that revealing such information about torture at Guantanamo will jeopardize U.S. intelligence operations and international relations.

Justice Kavanaugh Tests Positive for COVID

The 56-year-old associate justice, who has been vaccinated, tested positive for coronavirus during a routine examination Thursday. Court officials said he was not suffering any symptoms, and no other Justice has received a positive diagnosis.