Public Defender Shortages Reaching Critical Levels: Report

The latest report from the American Bar Association and a consulting firm found that the public defender shortages in New Mexico and Oregon are reaching critical levels. Experts warn that these shortages have been the “norm” for years — and if nothing is done soon, more people will be without adequate counsel, violating their constitutional right.

Joe Biden

Biden’s ‘Quiet Revolution’ Puts More Public Defenders on Federal Bench

Traditionally, presidents have picked former prosecutors and corporate lawyers for top judgeships. President Biden has changed the trajectory, with a record 17 appointments of public defenders to the federal judiciary so far. If we want a more well-rounded system, he shouldn’t stop there, write three leaders in the prosecution reform movement.


America’s Public Defense Scandal

Although former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was convicted in the death of George Floyd, he had access to superb legal counsel thanks to financial support from his police union. That privilege isn’t shared by most poor defendants, for whom Supreme Court guarantees of indigent defense are a mockery, writes a Texas inmate from his own experience.