michael segal

‘Conviction at Any Cost’: The Tangled Case of Michael Segal

When multi-millionaire Chicago insurance broker Michael Segal was convicted in a $30 million fraud case, it was widely celebrated as the downfall of a notorious white-collar criminal. In a forthcoming book, however, he claims to be the victim of prosecutorial overreach. Author Maurice Possley tells TCR why he has a legitimate case.


Why Prosecutors Need to Understand the Impact of Trauma

Every day, prosecutors deal with individuals who are suffering acute stress, but efforts to apply the emerging science of trauma studies to their work have been inconsistent. A recent roundtable convened by the Institute for Innovation in Prosecution offered some guidelines for changing that.

Baltimore Prosecutor Stops Filing Minor Charges

Chief Baltimore prosecutor Marilyn Mosby will dismiss pending charges against anyone arrested for possessing drugs including heroin, attempted distribution of any drug, prostitution, trespassing, minor traffic offenses, open container and urinating in public, to reduce the threat of a coronavirus outbreak behind bars.