Can Conviction Integrity Units Get Respect?

Difficulties in obtaining funding and sufficient staff, combined with skepticism from many parts of the justice system, have kept the number of prosecutors’ internal investigative units small. Nevertheless, the units are a major reason for the increase in exonerations across the U.S., a John Jay webinar was told Tuesday.

Most of Trump’s U.S. Attorneys Set to Resign

Nearly all the remaining federal prosecutors that former President Donald Trump appointed across the country are set to be removed by President Joe Biden. Accommodations have been made to allow a couple of attorneys handling highly sensitive investigations to continue with their work.

LA County Judge Blocks DA Gascon’s Criminal Justice Reforms

In a ruling Monday, LA County Superior Court Judge James Chalfant decided that George Gascon’s attempt to bypass California’s Three Strikes Law and order prosecutors to dismiss strike sentencing enhancements is unlawful. It’s the latest round in a campaign led by critics against the reform-minded prosecutor.


The Next Step in Reform: Defund Prosecutors?

Reform prosecutors like newly elected Los Angeles DA George Gascón have swept into office promising fairness and equity. But a Washington public defender argues that genuine change requires reallocating funds supporting “progressive” prosecutorial programs like diversion to community services and indigent defense―an approach that evokes calls to “defund the police.”