Police Unions Call For St. Louis Prosecutor’s Resignation

National, state and city police union officials called Monday for St. Louis’ chief prosecutor, Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner, to resign over a comment she made on Twitter criticizing officers’ actions before a fatal police shooting in St. Louis. Prosecutor Kimberly Gardner said she agreed with an alderman who said officers should not have tried to arrest a man for marijuana possession.

William Barr

Why Barr’s Attack on Reform DAs is an Assault on Democracy

Attorney General William Barr’s recent tirade against reform-minded prosecutors is a thinly veiled attempt to undermine communities that have chosen to take back control of justice decisions from”colonialist” policymakers in Washington, writes TCR’s legal columnist.


Will Fear of Crime Dampen Support for Ending Mass Incarceration?

America’s high incarceration rates have emerged as a hot political issue, but the supposed shift in public attitudes towards punishment may be “overstated,” warns a University of Illinois law professor. Andrew Leipold argues we should lower our expectations about what’s possible to achieve in the short term, while applying pressure on prosecutors to recognize their role in driving high prison numbers.

William Barr

Prosecutors Call Barr Comments ‘Deeply Concerning’

This is “not the time for a return to fear-driven narratives that find no foundation in fact,” says a letter from leading prosecutors in response to Attorney General William Barr’s assertion in a speech last week that progressive DAs were demoralizing to law enforcement and endangering public safety.