NYC Dashboard Shows 45,789 Released Individuals Awaiting Trial

For the first time, New York City has a complete picture of its pretrial population, thanks to the latest data visualization and database tool created by the city’s Criminal Justice Agency and Luminosity, Inc. The Pretrial Release Dashboard brings in “key facts” that many say have been missing from the bail reform debate.

NYC Police Unions Blame Gun Violence on Bail Reform

New York City’s five police unions are joining grieving parents to plead with judges and lawmakers to address the surge in gun violence, blaming the spike on bail reform and criminals not being held accountable. This comes as the City Council’s April 1 deadline to detail reform measures approaches.

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‘The Case Against Pretrial Risk Assessment’ Tools

According to a new Pretrial Justice Institute report, extensive data prove that risk assessment instruments (RAIs) used on individuals seeking release pretrial are inherently flawed. They don’t accurately predict flight risk or violent crime offense risk, and are making assessments with biased data.