Court Voids Virginia Police Motorcycle Search

An 8-1 majority said a Virginia police officer illegally searched a motorcycle on private property. Dissenter Justice Samuel Alito said that “an ordinary person of common sense” would react as a Charles Dickens character would, saying “the law is an ass–a idiot.”


White-Collar Crime: Keeping Cases Out of the Courtroom

A white-collar defense attorney explains how “pro-active” engagement with prosecutors has helped his clients avoid going to trial or at least present evidence that could change a case’s outcome. He calls it “trying a case in a prosecutor’s office.”


Did Outdated Laws in Louisiana Help Convict an Innocent Man?

Louisiana juries can convict someone of a felony without a unanimous vote, thanks to a law that legal experts call outdated and potentially dangerous. That’s what happened to Troy Rhodes, a 37-year- old African-American man, convicted by a 10-2 jury in New Orleans and sent to prison for 149 years for crimes he may not have committed.