Rural (In)Justice: The Hidden Crisis in America’s Jails

The use of jails to house individuals with serious mental illness is contributing to the skyrocketing growth in jail populations across the U.S.—particularly in rural and small counties—experts told a conference at John Jay College Tuesday.


Defense Lawyers Decry Disappearance of Jury Trials

Jury trials in criminal cases around the U.S. have declined at an ever-increasing rate to the point that they occur in fewer than three percent of state and federal criminal cases, says the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL) in a new report titled the “The Trial Penalty.” 

Dems Attack Kavanaugh; His Chances Look Good

Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-NY) focused his party’s offensive on the risks that a conservative court could pose to abortion rights and affordable health care. Democrats said privately that their chances of defeating Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court seem low.

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Memo to the New Court: Let’s Avoid ‘Stupid’ Law

A former Supreme Court Justice once said, allegedly quoting Thurgood Marshall, that the Constitution doesn’t prohibit legislatures from enacting “stupid laws.” The only check on judicial ignorance or duplicity is engaged voters, says a commentator on drug issues.