Progressive Prosecutors Refuse to Prosecute GOP Laws

Progressive DAs around the country have said they simply won’t enforce many state laws driven by the right-wing GOP base, using their discretion as a weapon that goes both ways. Now, some worry that many are “playing politics” for reelection.

Supreme Court Decisions Uphold Police Qualified Immunity 

Following two cases concerning corrections officers accused of mistreating prisoners, in which one prisoner was kept in unsanitary conditions and the other was assaulted for no reason, the Court suggested that some cases are so egregious that no precedent was necessary to allow a plaintiff to sue.

Joe Biden

Biden’s ‘Quiet Revolution’ Puts More Public Defenders on Federal Bench

Traditionally, presidents have picked former prosecutors and corporate lawyers for top judgeships. President Biden has changed the trajectory, with a record 17 appointments of public defenders to the federal judiciary so far. If we want a more well-rounded system, he shouldn’t stop there, write three leaders in the prosecution reform movement.


The Collaborative Courtroom: A Proposal

However much it may rankle them, prosecutors can’t do justice alone. Defense attorneys limit the excessive harms the criminal system could inadvertently inflict. So why shouldn’t they collaborate? asks TCR’s legal affairs columnist.