Federal Judge Plans Hearing on NYC Police Lying

Judge Jack Weinstein of Brooklyn suggested that giving a jury the question of whether the police department has permitted widespread police perjury could prompt important reforms. “It may indicate the need for more careful tracking of individual police officer’s litigation history and a more effective discipline policy to avoid repeated lying by a number of officers,” he said.


How Appeals Courts ‘Rubber Stamp’ Injustice

Although appellate courts can’t know whether a defendant is actually innocent, they can—or should—know when a trial is unfair. Unfortunately, says a New York attorney who writes under the pseudonym “Appellate Squawk,” most are simply rubber stamps for miscarriages of justice in lower courts.

Trump Judicial Nominees Move Quickly to Senate

President Trump has nominated 50 candidates to lifetime appointments to the federal bench — including a man who asserted transgender children were evidence of “Satan’s plan,” one deemed unqualified by the American Bar Association and a handful of prolific bloggers.

Judge Limits U.S. Warrant for Info on Anti-Trump Site

The federal government had sought a sweeping warrant for records from web hosting firm DreamHost of all visitors to the website, DisruptJ20.org, even those not suspected of committing a crime. Judge Robert Morin said prosecutors do “not have the right to rummage through the information contained on DreamHost’s website…”

Judge Upholds Pardon of Ex-AZ Sheriff Arpaio

Federal judge Susan Bolton in Phoenix called criminal contempt “an offense against the United States,” and said that former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio will “escape punishment for his willful violation” of a court order. Bolton had no choice but to validate Arpaio’s Aug. 25 pardon by President Trump and throw out the finding of guilt in his criminal contempt case.