A Victory for Independent Courts

The failure of the Donald Trump campaign to reverse the election results testifies to the strength of a court system that doesn’t succumb to political pressure.  But the blizzard of questionable lawsuits filed by Trump lawyers this month demonstrates the need for continued vigilance, writes a former district attorney.  


Victories of Progressive DAs Caught Opponents ‘Off Guard’

The victories of Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx, who won her bid for re-election, George Gascon in Los Angeles and Jose Garza in Austin, Tx., reflected slow but steady support for prosecutors bent on changing the “tough on crime” approach that has driven mass incarceration. But they still represent a small percentage of prosecutors.

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‘The Case Against Pretrial Risk Assessment’ Tools

According to a new Pretrial Justice Institute report, extensive data prove that risk assessment instruments (RAIs) used on individuals seeking release pretrial are inherently flawed. They don’t accurately predict flight risk or violent crime offense risk, and are making assessments with biased data.


Pennsylvania Jail Tells Inmates: Stop Ordering Books

The Allegheny County Jail says its ban on print books from the outside, announced this week, was adopted for “security” reasons. Inmates will have to read new books on electronic tablets, but there are only 263 books, including 49 religious titles, available in the facility’s digital library.