A Look at Ginsburg’s Record on Criminal Justice

Criminal justice reformers praised the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg for being skeptical about the government’s wielding its power unfairly against defendants and prisoners. She also sided with law enforcement and the Trump administration at times, and she was pragmatic on her approach to the death penalty.


Kentucky’s Youth Justice Overhaul Gets Mixed Review

An Urban Institute study of Kentucky’s landmark youth justice reform law passed in 2014 found that nearly nine out of 10 youth completed diversion programs and avoided formal court involvement. Nevertheless, race and ethnic disparities in the diversion programs were “significant and persisted,” and recidivism rates didn’t statistically change.

News Media Seek Camera Access to Floyd Death Trial

A judge is yet to decide whether the trial of four ex-police officers charged in George Floyd’s death may be televised. Supporters of audio and visual coverage say the high-profile nature of Floyd’s death, the outrage that led to protests, and courtroom restrictions caused by the pandemic make this the right time to allow cameras in court.