Organized Crime Sting an ‘Unprecedented Blow’ to Global Criminal Networks

On Wednesday, the FBI announced the global takedown of hundreds of criminals involved in drug trafficking and organized crime, thanks to an encrypted social messaging platform the FBI was secretly peddling to criminals. Authorities around the world say this saved lives, and transforms the way investigators will fight organized crime in the future.


COVID-19 Fraud Task Force Targets Billions in Stolen Relief Funds

U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland says the task force “will use every available federal tool—including criminal, civil, and administrative actions” to go after those who siphon off pandemic relief funds. The announcement came as a new report singled out 10 states who have together experienced a 629 percent increase in losses from cybercrime since 2013.

Department of Justice

Wanted: A Corporate Crimebuster at DOJ

The replacement for departing Attorney General William Barr should be aggressive in holding corporate bosses accountable for their misconduct, write two whistleblower lawyers. Their candidate: former deputy AG Sally Yates.

Rehiring ‘Bad Cops’ Adds Another Flashpoint to Police Reform Debate

After a Florida police organization posted on Facebook this month inviting officers in Atlanta, Buffalo and other cities where police have been disciplined or fired, to apply for jobs, a national storm over the impact of rehiring officers disciplined elsewhere blew up—adding to the growing debate over how to ensure police accountability.