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The Secret Success of Federal Probationers

Federal offenders on probation are less likely to commit new offenses. But this finding—with significant implications for federal courts—was concealed in a recent US Sentencing Commission report which misread the data, writes a Penn State law professor.


State Prison Populations Shrink By 14%: Study

Driven by a drop in admissions for community supervision violations, state prison populations dropped by an “unprecedented” 14 percent in 2020, according to a 50-state probation and parole analysis by The Council of State Governments (CSG) Justice Center. 

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US Recidivism Rates Stay Sky High

A Bureau of Justice Statistics report presents a picture of an American prison system marred by recidivism. Nearly half of prisoners released in 2012, for instance, returned to prison within five years for a parole or probation violation or a new sentence.

Ankle Monitors Tether Wearers to the Carceral System: Study

Electronic ankle monitors are often used as a way to lower incarceration rates while seemingly giving wearers the freedom to go about their lives before a court date. Conversely, a new study shows that ankle monitors are keeping people tethered to the prison system longer than necessary.