Michigan Overhauls Probation, Parole System

The measures signed into law Monday include reducing adult felony probation sentences from five years to three years, preventing endless extensions on misdemeanor and felony probation terms, and limiting jail sanctions for technical probation violations. Gov. Gretchen Whitmer said the 20 bills she signed help make the state “a national leader on criminal justice reform.”


States Can Shorten Probation and Still Protect the Public: Pew

Across the country, states have wide variations in policies and term lengths for probationers that offer opportunities for reform. The Pew Charitable Trusts’ latest report says states can shorten the time individuals are on probation by months, and still see no change in recidivism rates.

Don’t Have Your ‘Felon Card’? In Alabama, That’s a Crime

More than 300 Alabamans have been charged since 2014 under state law requiring people with more than two felony convictions to register with local sheriff’s offices and carry cards identifying them as repeat felons. One legal expert compared it to the ID cards Jews were required to have in Nazi Germany.

parole rally

‘Structural Racism’ Cripples NY Parole System: Study

African Americans are returned to New York State prisons for “technical violations” of parole at five times the rate of whites — one of the reasons why New York is second only to Illinois in the number of people reincarcerated for behavior that otherwise wouldn’t merit criminal sanctions, according to the Columbia University Justice Lab.  


Rethinking the Nation’s Prisons: Is America Ready for Reform?

Some of the country’s leading practitioners and policymakers on corrections will sit down with formerly incarcerated individuals this month to explore new ideas for reform. The Harry Frank Guggenheim Symposium, meeting at John Jay College Feb. 20-21, features keynote speakers Leann Bertsch, head of North Dakota’s Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, and former New Jersey Gov. James McGreevey, chair of the New Jersey Reentry Commission.