PA Death Row Inmates No Longer Held in Solitary

The American Civil Liberties Union said it reached a settlement in its class action lawsuit against the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections that allows death row inmates to be held in the same manner as general population inmates. An ACLU lawyer called the state’s practices “horribly inhumane.”


A Prisoner Re-Entry Plea from Ex-Lifers

Two men who were released from life prison terms in California and Louisiana told criminologists that many like them have changed over the decades and deserve to be freed, saving tax money and adding to the productive work force.

Jeremiah Bourgeois

A (Not So Fond) Farewell to Prison Life

As he prepared for release after more than 27 years in captivity, TCR columnist Jeremiah Bourgeois found it hard to let go of the “trauma induced by incarceration.” But he reports promising changes in the relationship between guards and inmates in the prison he’s leaving behind.