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Moms Behind Bars

Nearly 150,000 mothers will be in prisons and jails this Mother’s Day. And that means their children will effectively be imprisoned as well by a system that inflicts long-term trauma and financial strain on families, says the Prison Policy Initiative.


Bernie Madoff Dies in Prison at 82

Bernie Madoff, the financier who pleaded guilty to orchestrating a massive Ponzi scheme that may have bilked clients of at least $17 billion, died in a federal prison early Wednesday. He was serving a 150-year sentence.

marlon peterson

A Prison Abolitionist’s Plea: We Need a Better Solution for ‘Egregious Harm’

Marlon Peterson emerged from 10 years in prison with a degree and a conviction that incarceration  is an ultimately futile tool of the U.S. justice system. In an interview for the Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation’s “At the Crossroads” series, he tells writer Greg Berman that punishment alone cannot address the traumas at the root of violent criminal behavior.

COVID Infections Soared in Prisons Where Testing was ‘Limited’: Report

In states that did not implement a mass testing strategy for incarcerated populations, rates of infection among incarcerated people were nearly eight times the rate for non-incarcerated populations of similar age, gender and race, according to the National Commission on COVID-19 and Criminal Justice.


Pandemic Continues to Disrupt Incarceration and Policing

Just over a year since the pandemic hit American shores and began to spread, carceral facilities and police departments alike have seen copious amounts of change. Jails and prisons still battle deadly outbreaks, and law enforcement struggles with community relations and hiring new recruits.