How Prisons Grab Stimulus Dollars From Prisoners

In the wake of systemic processing delays which have delayed or sidetracked CARES stimulus funds for incarcerated individuals, those lucky enough to be paid often discover that prison systems have heavily garnished their checks, according to an investigation by The Intercept.

Connecticut’s First Supermax Prison to Close This Year

Once a monument to the tough-on-crime era, the supermax prison Northern Correctional Institute will shutdown in July. This year, the prison which holds up to 600 people, recorded its lowest number of residents in 32 years, as the state’s prison populations continue to decline.

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Prison Research Should Recognize Legacy of Slavery: Paper

Arguing that prison research holds a “responsibility to advance racial equity,” a new briefing paper from the Urban Institute proposes that Black people who have been incarcerated should be partners and co-owners of all research and policy procedures and be fairly and equally compensated for their time.