halfway home

‘The Missing Link Between Jail, Rehab and Home’

Efforts to shut down three homes for women in recovery in one Utah city highlight the challenges facing the formerly incarcerated as they struggle to resume normal life. “It’s hard for people who’ve never dealt with addiction to understand,” says Susan Berry, who moved into one of the homes following her recent release from prison.


After Prison, a ‘Clean Slate’ Offers a Second Chance

A former incarceree and a former probation officer say a proposed “Clean Slate” bill in Louisiana to streamline the expungement process is an example of how states can couple accountability with opportunities to restore people leaving prison to full participation in civil society.

Federal Certificate Offers New Hope for Americans in ‘Internal Exile’

Congress is considering a bill that authorizes judges to issue a “Certificate of Rehabilitation” that helps qualified individuals with federal convictions regain employment, housing and other rights. Passing it would be a major step forward to ameliorating the collateral consequences of a criminal record, write two advocates for the bill.


Science Group Urges COVID-19 Incarceration Slowdown

With COVID-19 rates in prisons still at five times the rate of the general population, authorities should “use their discretion” to minimize incarceration in prisons and jails, concluded a new report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine.