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Could Cash Incentives Lower Recidivism?

Paying NGOs for each week “they manage to keep formerly imprisoned persons in their charge alive and out of the criminal justice system” could help reduce America’s recidivism rates, says a senior research fellow at the American Institute of Economic Research.


Utah Weighs College Courses for Incarcerated Youth

Under a bill presented to state lawmakers this month, incarcerated young people can choose a variety of degrees or technical certificates to pursue. Utah State Rep. Lowry Snow, the bill’s author, called education “the antidote to recidivism.”

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The ‘False Dichotomy’ of Violent vs. Non-Violent Crimes

Even as the justice system begins to embrace serious reform, the benefits have excluded one large group of incarcerated individuals ― those convicted of violent crimes. But the reinstatement of Pell grants, which are available to everyone, might help change an approach based on racial bias and misinformation, writes the policy and advocacy director of the College & Community Fellowship.

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Pell Grants for Incarcerated Students: A ‘Long-Awaited’ Victory

Congress’s decision to reinstate financial aid for incarcerated students pursuing higher education has been hailed as a long-overdue achievement. But, the program will need careful monitoring to ensure that sufficient infrastructure is in place and that it is not exploited by for-profit colleges “looking for an easy buck,” experts tell The Crime Report.