COVID-19, a Texas Prison, and a Truly ‘Fabuloso’ Fable

When worries about the spread of COVID-19 in prison began to surface, Texas corrections authorities ordered common areas to be sprayed with chlorine bleach. But when prison wardens couldn’t find any, they came up with a surprising alternative, recalls a Texas inmate.


Will Judges Veto COVID-19 Relief Measure for WA Inmates?

This spring, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee suspended time limits on post-conviction appeals filed by prisoners, citing the special circumstances of the pandemic. Now it’s up to the state supreme court to decide whether that included cases concluded before the outbreak—and the outlook is uncertain, writes a Washington state inmate.

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‘You’ve Got Masks: Stop Complaining’

Everyone agrees that inmates and corrections officers alike should protect themselves with masks and other precautions against the spread of coronavirus. But it doesn’t always work that way.


Hostages Behind Bars: Why COVID-19 Fuels Tension in Prisons

Correctional facilities around the U.S. have experienced unrest among inmates angry over what they perceive is a lack of concern for their safety. A Washington state inmate says the pandemic exposes society’s deep-rooted fears and prejudices towards the incarcerated.


COVID-19 Prison Dilemma: Is Security More Important Than Health?

The national health crisis has put prisoners and correctional officers equally at risk. That offers a rare opportunity to work together for everyone’s safety—even if it means rethinking traditional  security concerns, writes a Washington state inmate.

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Can COVID-19 Force Us to Take Criminal Justice Reform Seriously?

Prisoners in Washington State have filed a lawsuit against Gov. Jay Inslee and state corrections chief Steven Sinclair asking for the release of elderly inmates to halt the spread of the coronavirus. This and similar actions elsewhere are adding long-needed momentum to the movement to reduce mass incarceration, writes an inmate.