Educate a Prisoner, Save a Life

Prison-based higher education programs can transform the incarcerated, and they’re a cost-effective investment in public safety. But a Washington State inmate cautions they should only be offered to individuals who will really use them.

America’s Expensive Prisons

Does shrinking the size of prison populations save taxpayers money? Not always, says a study released May 23 by the Vera Institute of Justice. The study found that 25 states increased their spending on prisons even though the nation’s overall prison population has declined.

Whatever Happened to National Reentry Week?

Barack Obama inaugurated it last April to mark the emerging bipartisan consensus that the incarcerated deserve a “second chance.” But our investigation suggests that hardliners in the Trump administration have shrugged it off.

Prisons Are Packed With 200,000 Dead-End Lifers: Study

A new analysis by The Sentencing Project finds a record number of lifers in U.S. prisons. The author, who has been tracking sentencing trends for a decade, tells TCR’s David J. Krajicek, “As a society, we cannot challenge mass incarceration without including reforms to sentences on the deep end of the punishment spectrum.”