Thomas Hamm

NYC Pays $280K Settlement for Rikers Anti-Gay Attack

According to a press release from the victim’s attorney, Thomas Hamm, a visitor to the Rikers Island facility, was beaten by two corrections officers hurling anti-gay slurs. Earlier this year, the Jail’s Action Committee released a report maintaining that conditions for visitors to Rikers “continue to be discouraging at best and traumatizing and violent at worst.”

supreme court

Johnson v United States: Three Years Later

The Supreme Court struck down a part of the Armed Career Criminal Act that permitted sentencing enhancements for repeat violent offenders in 2015. But the debate over its impact on public safety and recidivism continues, pitting Attorney General Jeff Sessions against proponents of sentencing reform.

PA Limits Inmate Books Amid ‘Growing Drug Crisis’

The state instituted new book, mail, and visitation policies to combat a “growing drug crisis” and protect employees — as well as incarcerated persons — from synthetic substances that are entering prisons via “paper products.” The fallout for inmates may involve privacy issues and alienation from their legal representatives.

Inmates in at Least 14 States Took Part in Strike

A nationwide strike by prison inmates was set to end Sunday, 19 days after it began. Since Aug. 21, some prisoners have chosen to forgo meals, organize peaceful sit-in protests, refuse to work and halt commissary spending. Reports of protests behind bars are trickling out from various sources.