South Carolina Dilemma: How to Organize a Firing Squad

Executions in South Carolina have been halted by the state Supreme Court until the Department of Corrections can offer a firing squad as a choice for death row inmates. Many are looking to how other states have offered the method of execution to see what this would look like.

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Why Lockdowns Can’t Protect People in Prison From Deadly Viruses

When the pandemic started, many prisons and jails responded by locking people down in their cells, and by using solitary confinement cells as quarantine units. The measure may actually have increased the spread of COVID, says a new report which argues the best way to protect inmates from infectious diseases is ending mass incarceration.


In 18 Months, 29 Prisoners Escaped From Minimum Security Federal Lockups

A Justice Department budget report submitted to Congress said the federal Bureau of Prisons experienced no escapes, but the report didn’t count those who escape from minimum-security prisons or camps. “The BOP remains vigilant in its efforts to maintain safe and secure institutions at all times,” the agency said in a statement.

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Medical Neglect, Violence Lead Complaints of Misconduct by Prison Staff: Study

In a forthcoming study of recently released incarcerees, 95 percent of respondents said they experienced one or more acts of prison staff misconduct. While most correctional officers are dedicated professionals, a minority who abuse their authority undermine the legitimacy of the system, write the three criminologists who conducted the study.


Pre-COVID Rise in Prison Deaths Called Evidence of System Failure

Data showing a steep rise in mortality rates in state and federal prisons between 2001 and 2018, underlines the need for improvements in medical and mental healthcare to make sure a prison sentence doesn’t become a death sentence, says the Prison Policy Initiative.