California Bans Private Prisons

The private prison industry is set to be upended after California lawmakers passed a bill banning the facilities from operating in the state. The move will probably close down four large immigration detention facilities that can hold up to 4,500 people at a time.

TX Official: ‘We Failed’ To Monitor Heat in Prisons

Days after a federal judge threatened to jail Texas prison officials for violating an agreement to put inmates in air conditioned housing, the top Texas Department of Criminal Justice leader admitted that the agency broke federal orders and that keeping inmates in temperatures above 100 degrees creates a serious health risk.

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Aging Population Called Increasing Financial Burden on U.S. Prisons

Federal inmates aged 55 and older, many of whom got life sentences amid the war on drugs of the 1990s, are among the fastest growing population of incarcerees in the U.S., according to a report on prisoners serving life sentences for non-violent crimes published in conjunction with the Buried Alive Project.