How Not to Manage a COVID-19 Outbreak in Prison

After months of warning that authorities at his Washington State prison were unprepared for the pandemic, lifer Tomas Keen contracted the disease―and discovered that he had underestimated the potential for disaster.

halfway home

‘The Missing Link Between Jail, Rehab and Home’

Efforts to shut down three homes for women in recovery in one Utah city highlight the challenges facing the formerly incarcerated as they struggle to resume normal life. “It’s hard for people who’ve never dealt with addiction to understand,” says Susan Berry, who moved into one of the homes following her recent release from prison.


Michigan Overhauls Probation, Parole System

The measures signed into law Monday include reducing adult felony probation sentences from five years to three years, preventing endless extensions on misdemeanor and felony probation terms, and limiting jail sanctions for technical probation violations. Gov. Gretchen Whitmer said the 20 bills she signed help make the state “a national leader on criminal justice reform.”