4,000 CA Three-Strikes Inmates Have Parole Chance

Thousands of California inmates serving life sentences for nonviolent convictions will have a chance at parole under the state’s decision to let stand a judge’s ruling saying those prisoners are eligible for freedom under a voter-approved law, The change results from the 2016 Proposition 57, which was designed to reduce the prison population.


Cabbages and Basketballs: How Do Drugs Enter Our Prisons?

The standard PR “spin” from prison authorities around the U.S. blames ingenious schemes by prisoners for drug smuggling into facilities, but recent arrests of guards in Georgia offer a clue to where the biggest problem lies, writes a former inmate.

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The Uphill Road to Prisoners’ Rights

“Extralegal violence” against inmates has diminished as prisoners gained standing under U.S. law, but courts, lawmakers and prison administrators have carefully limited civil rights of the incarcerated—ushering in what some advocates call the modern era of hygienic, systematized and lawful cruelty, says a TCR op ed writer.