Department of Justice

New DOJ $$s to Combat Online Child Exploitation, Improve Reentry Services

In a flurry of pre-Christmas gifts from the Department of Justice, programs helping incarcerees and former incarcerees reintegrate with civil society will receive more than $110 million in grants. An additional $141 million is earmarked for programs aimed at improving the judicial system’s handling of child abuse and online exploitation, as well as missing children.


Children Suffer Amid Lack of Funding to Combat Online Sex Abuse

The market for child sexual abuse material has exploded to crisis levels, with reports spiking 28 percent, from nearly 17 million in 2019 to 21.8 million in 2020. But one of the signature laws to investigate child abuse, written by President Joe Biden when he was a senator, has never been fully funded by Congress, reports USA TODAY.