Growing Old on Death Row

Lengthy appeals and the growing number of states that are refusing to impose the death penalty have turned the nation’s death rows into high-cost senior citizens facilities ― with many of the inmates suffering from dementia or other serious illness.

mderrick garlands

Federal Executions Suspended, Review of Trump-Era Rules Underway

The moratorium cites concerns about about the “arbitrariness” in the application of the death penalty, its disparate impact on people of color, and the troubling number of exonerations in capital and other serious cases. Just a year ago, the Trump administration restarted federal executions after a 17-year-hiatus.

South Carolina Dilemma: How to Organize a Firing Squad

Executions in South Carolina have been halted by the state Supreme Court until the Department of Corrections can offer a firing squad as a choice for death row inmates. Many are looking to how other states have offered the method of execution to see what this would look like.