kirk and spock

Spock vs Kirk: The Battle Over NY Bail Reform

The angry debate that has erupted over the state’s landmark decision to eliminate money bail for most offenses isn’t helping the public understand the complexities of making long-term change in the justice system, writes the director of the Center for Court Innovation.

Bail System ‘Improvements’ Considered by Pennsylvania Supreme Court

In Pennsylvania, the Supreme Court noted at the outset of its review: “Any attempt to advocate for the abolition of cash bail will not be entertained.” And the special master appointed to oversee the review, Senior Judge John Cleland, declined to even use the phrase bail reform in his December report to the court, arguing the system is fundamentally sound.


New Yorkers Turn Sour on Bail Reform

According to a new poll, support for New York’s recently passed law has dropped from 55 percent to 37 percent since April. That follows a storm of criticism from legislators, victim rights groups and others who say eliminating cash bail endangers public safety.