Federal Lawsuit Challenges Dallas Cash Bail System

The lawsuit, which may end up carrying a hefty price tag, alleges that the system fails to consider a jailed defendant’s ability to pay to post bond, resulting in disparate treatment. Poorer citizens remain jailed for weeks or months because they can’t afford to pay their way out, while wealthier people can quickly purchase their freedom.

Cuomo Criminal Justice Plan Aims at Helping Poor Suspects

The New York governor’s proposal addresses several aspects of the criminal justice system critics have long decried as unfair to the poor, among them the state’s cash bail system and its restrictive discovery law, which allows prosecutors to withhold important evidence against a defendant until the eve of trial.

Conservative Think Tank Backs Ohio Bail Reform

The Buckeye Institute released a report contending that the practice of requiring defendants to post money in order to secure their release from jail is an “inefficient, expensive, unfair means of protecting communities that has proven no guarantee to stopping repeat offenders.”

Under Houston Bail Reform, 40% Don’t Show Up

When a federal judge ruled that Houston’s Harris County wrongfully held poor misdemeanor defendants in jail while awaiting trial, she placed the responsibility for issuing bail orders in the unpracticed hands of the county sheriff’s office. The county courts, which usually make bail decisions, have focused their efforts on their own reforms. That combination has led to confusion within the state’s largest pretrial system.