Tackling the Anti-Asian Hate Crimes Soaring Across America

As anti-Asian hate crimes skyrocket in America, cities are trying their hand at reform through passing bills and launching task forces. However, some advocates feel policing the problem is a “band-aid” for addressing the root of anti-Asian sentiment.

defund police

Why ‘Defunding’ Won’t Reform Police

For many protesters, “defunding” has the air of a punitive measure—to punish the police by cutting their budgets. But that ignores the gritty day-to-day reality of police work, in which cops are often the first responders to mental health crises or domestic violence, write two University of Nebraska policing scholars.


Federal Drug Asset Seizures Slashed by Half Since 2009

One of the government’s favorite tools in the War on Drugs—seizing the property of individuals convicted of drug-related crimes—appears to be losing favor with authorities, according to a study by the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse. The strategy has come under fire from critics on both the left and right.