The Psychological Violence of Mexico’s War on Drugs

Mexico’s prolonged drug war has taken a significant psychological toll on all of its citizens, not just direct victims of violence, according to a study from the Mexican Center for Economic Research and Teaching. Researchers found symptoms of depression and deep emotional distress, fueled as much by state-sponsored military violence as by the gruesome actions of crime cartels.


Questions Surround Louisiana’s $8.5M Criminal Justice ‘Reinvestment’

A year after signing the most comprehensive justice reform law in state history, Louisiana is now gearing up for the first year of “justice reinvestment,” fueled by savings that almost doubled those predicted a year ago. But members of the governor’s Justice Reinvestment Oversight Council have raised concerns about the limits of their watchdog power, and question whether community-based funds will actually reach the grassroots organizations as originally intended.

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sex workers

Sex Workers Decry ‘Moral Panic’ Over Human Trafficking

As the campaign against sex trafficking grows into a $47 million cottage industry, it has also been spurring a “moral panic” that sex workers say makes them increasingly vulnerable to police abuse, and turns them into targets for those with religious or moral objections to prostitution.

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Fentanyl Spread ‘Alarming,’ Washington Hearing is Told

A U.S. Sentencing Commission hearing was told Tuesday that customs and border patrol agents had seen a “dramatic increase in seizures” of fentanyl and its analogs, from one kilogram in fiscal year 2013, to 208 kilograms in 2016, to 550 kilograms in 2017—a 160 percent increase over the previous year.

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Enforcement Can’t Stop Fake Chinese Drugs: Report

China is the world’s largest supplier of counterfeit pharmaceuticals and ingredients, and the source of 79% of all counterfeit drugs seized in the U.S. But enforcement-based solutions are complicated by the lack of cooperation from Beijing, according to a forthcoming paper in the Columbia Science and Technology Law Review.


Trafficking Routes Up for Grabs After Fall of Top Caribbean Drug Kingpin

With global cocaine production estimated to be at historic levels, the flow of drugs, money and weapons through the Dominican Republic and its Caribbean neighbors looks poised to grow, reports InSight Crime. Homegrown criminal cells are also becoming stronger in a country that has traditionally come under the influence of Colombian and Mexican crime syndicates.