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Federal Crime Victims Chief Departs, No Reason Given

Darlene Hutchinson Biehl of Alabama has left her post to become a “senior advisor of victim affairs” in the agency. An employee union has accused her of political bias in choosing people who review the agency’s grant applications.

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Congress Cuts Aid to Crime Victim Programs

Insiders say the more than 20 percent spending cutback is due mostly to concern in Congress that the overall crime-victim fund should not be unduly depleted. The fund has received significantly more money from Congress in recent years.


Judges Call for More Court Action on Opioid Crisis

State courts are the nation’s top referral source for addiction treatment. “It is crucial that judges are involved in reversing this epidemic,” says Indiana Chief Justice Loretta Rush, co-chair of a national task force.

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A Prisoner Re-Entry Plea from Ex-Lifers

Two men who were released from life prison terms in California and Louisiana told criminologists that many like them have changed over the decades and deserve to be freed, saving tax money and adding to the productive work force.

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Trump’s New Policing Panel Gets Mixed Reviews

A new study panel on crime and justice announced by President Donald Trump on October 28 will not have as broad a mandate as one named by President Lyndon B. Johnson in the 1960s, and apparently will not include officials outside of federal, state and local governments.


White House Pledges Hard Work on First Step Act

The pledge was made Thursday by Ja’Ron Smith of the White House’s Office of American Innovation at the inaugural “leadership summit” of the Council on Criminal Justice, a new national organization devoted to studying problems in the criminal justice system.