Las Vegas Gunman Tried to Thwart Shooting Probe

Newly released documents on the Oct. 1 shooting do not answer what motivated Stephen Paddock to carry out the attack. He purchased the items used in his shooting during the year leading up to it, the FBI said, and a large share of the ammunition and accessories he amassed appear to have been bought online.

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CA Judge Could Face Recall Election Over Sex Term

Critics filed nearly 95,000 signatures seeking the recall of Judge Aaron Persky, a former prosecutor who has been on the bench since 2003. In 2016, he sentenced swimmer Brock Turner to six months in jail for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman, a punishment critics considered too lenient.


Trump Backs Helping Prisoners Reenter Society

“We have a great interest in helping them turn their lives around, get a second chance, and make our community safe,” President Trump said at a roundtable Thursday. Conservative advocates for reform came away optimistic, but it’s not clear that the White House will support any changes in sentencing laws.


Will Prosecutor Misconduct Become Harder to Catch?

The dismissed case against Nevada cattleman Cliven Bundy is a dramatic example of prosecutorial misconduct, which some legal experts see as a cultural flaw in the criminal justice system. Prosecutors are rarely formally punished for misconduct. As technological advances continue to expand the government’s investigative resources, some experts fear prosecutorial misconduct could become more prevalent and more difficult to detect.

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