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Archivist Hargrove Has 27,000 More Homicides Than FBI

Ex-journalist Thomas Hargrove has a file of 751,785 murders since 1976, about 27,000 more than appear in FBI files. Using computer code he wrote, he searches for statistical anomalies among ordinary murders resulting from lovers’ triangles, gang fights, robberies, or brawls. Each year, about five thousand people kill someone and don’t get caught. Hargrove intends to find them with his code, which he calls a serial-killer detector.

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CA Jurors Get Case That Started Immigration Debate

Candidate Donald Trump seized on Kate Steinle’s death to decry loose borders and Democrats said San Francisco should have cooperated with federal immigration authorities to keep Jose Ines Garcia Zarate in custody. Politics did not come up in a month-long trial that featured circumstantial evidence and testimony from ballistics experts.