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Trump Gives Detailed Instructions on Border Wall

The barrier President Trump wants to build along the Mexico border will be a steel bollard fence, not a concrete wall as he long promised. He says the bollards, or “slats,” as he calls them, should be painted “flat black,” a dark hue that would absorb heat in the summer, making the metal too hot for climbers to scale.

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Schools Turn to Technology to Combat Shootings

School districts are using products like gunshot detection systems that identify where shots are fired and apps that allow teachers to report attacks and connect with police. Dennis Kenney of John Jay College of Criminal Justice says, “What we’re trying to do is find some technological fix, and there isn’t one.”

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California Airports Become Pot-Smuggling Hubs

Emboldened by legalization and facing only light punishment if captured, more smugglers are taking flights to escape California’s glutted cannabis market. Arrests at Los Angeles International Airport have surged 166 percent since the state legalized recreational pot.