Legal Pot: Good for Public Safety, But Not for Mental Health?

Two new studies of the impact of state legalization of marijuana offer a mixed verdict. One uncovered an association between legal pot and increased crime clearance, while the other detected a correlation between legalization and the frequency of serious mental illnesses.

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What Alternatives to Incarceration Mean for Moms

It’s not just moms and kids who benefit when mothers involved in the justice system are provided with opportunities to serve their sentences under community supervision.  Public safety does too, according to a researcher at the R Street Institute, a nonprofit in Washington, D.C.


Cops and Computers: Big Data Knows What You Did This Summer

The large volume of information used for so-called “predictive policing” is rapidly changing the way police do their jobs. University of District of Columbia law professor Andrew Guthrie Ferguson says in a Washington Post podcast that it’s also crowding out other strategies for keeping America’s cities safe.

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Native American Trans Inmates Reveal Abuses

Staying safe in prison is a daily challenge for Native-American transgender inmates, after the Trump administration rolled back 2012 guidelines issued by Barack Obama. Several provided tales of abuse and discrimination in a “Native America Calling” program Tuesday.

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Why Traffic Stops Don’t Stop Crime

A new book examines the arrest data produced by police stops in North Carolina, and finds the public safety benefit was minimal. In a conversation with The Crime Report, co-author Frank Baumgartner says it should make police departments across the US reevaluate a practice that is often considered racial profiling.


Why Can’t We Redeem the Sex Offender?

Restrictions on sex offenders, regardless of the details of their cases, have created a huge population of people whose potential contributions to society have been foreclosed. It’s time to give them the same chance as other returning citizens for full reintegration when they pose no further threat, says a former sentencing mitigation researcher.

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How Soccer Corruption Gets Kicked into the Shadows

Before France defeated Croatia in the World Cup Final, a new report warned there is little hope that efforts to end systemic bribery and kickbacks in the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) will succeed. A Michigan law professor says it’s time for Switzerland to force the organization to become accountable.