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U.S. is World’s Top Target of Cyberattackers

The U.S. experienced 156 significant cyber attacks between 2006 and June 2020, according to a new report. That’s way ahead of the second-ranked most targeted nation — the United Kingdom, at 47.


Homicides Decline, But Report Warns Against ‘Complacency’

Homicide rates fell in April and May in most large cities as part of a general decline in street crime caused by restrictions imposed to contain COVID-19, but a report from Arnold Ventures adds “there’s reason to think 2020 will be more violent than 2019.”


COVID-19 Fuels Rise in East-West Cyberwarfare

Despite indictments, Russian saboteurs–some linked to the Russian military–have targeted millions of employees of major U.S. firms in a new escalation of East-West cyberwarfare. Chinese and North Korean hackers are also becoming a distributor of “weaponized” social media, according to security experts.


Police Discipline System ‘Broken,’ says Former Philly Chief

Charles Ramsey, who led police departments in Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., found common ground with Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson on the need for police reform in a conversation Wednesday. “Too many cops…are on the job that should not be on the job,” Ramsey said.

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White-Collar Crime Rise Feared With Pandemic

“You’re going to see accounting fraud, you’re going to see insider trading, you’re going to see all sorts of misrepresentations,” Bridget Rohde, former Acting United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, told a University of Maryland panel.

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Deadly Choice for Migrant Parents: Leave Kids or Risk COVID Infection

Responding to reports that a new Trump administration policy is forcing undocumented migrant parents to choose between family separation and indefinite detention in crowded facilities riven with COVID-19, a group of faith, law enforcement and policy leaders called last month for an immediate end to this “binary choice.”