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The Latin American Drug Cartel You Haven’t Heard of

While the attention of organized crime specialists and the international media has focused on the notorious drug cartels of Mexico and Colombia, Brazil’s little-known Primeiro Comando da Capital is emerging as the Western hemisphere’s most potent crime threat. A new report calls the trafficking group South America’s “most powerful prison gang” ― and warns its operations are quietly expanding.


Experts Predict New Era of Extremist Violence After Assault on Capitol

The deadly insurrection at the Capitol should serve as a wake-up call to those who have ignored the warnings, says one expert on right-wing violence, who called it “the beginning of a new movement, not the end of an old one.” At least 120 individuals have been arrested so far, many of them members of groups following conspiracy theorists.


Officials Feared ‘Optics’ of Deploying National Guard at Capitol Before Riot

Steven Sund, outgoing chief of the U.S. Capitol Police, says his repeated requests to put the D.C. National Guard on standby on the eve of the assault on Congress were rejected by House and Senate security chiefs as well as the Pentagon. Sund’s remarks came as officials traded barbs over who was to blame for leaving Congress unprepared, and the death of a second capitol police officer — by suicide — was reported.

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