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Memo to Police Chiefs: Time for ‘Uncomfortable’ Conversations

Despite a police culture that can be overly sensitive to criticizing other officers and reluctant to engage in tough conversations, law enforcement leaders should bring together their troops for candid “Monday-morning quarterbacking” sessions on how to do better, says the head of one of the country’s leading police think tanks.

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On Overdose Awareness Day, Deaths Will Soon Top 2019 Total

Monday marked another International Overdose Awareness Day, communities across the country convene to remember those they’ve lost to drug addictions and fight to erase the stigma surrounding substance use disorder. But this year’s vigils will look a little different as overdose deaths have skyrocketed and many blame the pandemic.


Kenosha Killings Preceded by Calls for Armed Vigilantes

Multiple threads by self-declared militia members preceded last Tuesday’s shooting in which two people were killed followed a confrontation between protesters and armed men in Kenosha who said they were protecting a gas station. A 17-year-old has been charged with murder.


FBI Will Probe Portland Violence

Special Agent in  Charge Renn Cannon says the agency will look into the violence because of its ”accumulative effect” on public safety after 87 days of demonstrations.

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