Justice System ‘Fails to Protect’ Native American Women

More than half of Native American women have encountered sexual and domestic violence at some point during their lives, even amid a wave of efforts aimed at reducing such crimes. More than 633 are reported missing, higher than their percentage of the population.

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Elder Abuse: When Victims Balk, Should Prosecutors Press Charges?

Elders are often reluctant to press charges for abuse because they don’t want to lose the support of caregivers—even if those caregivers were responsible for the abuse—but prosecutors should try to persuade them otherwise, say some advocates. “A good prosecutor will do everything they can to try and persuade the victim to go forward with the case,” says Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum.

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Prison Strikes Spread Nationwide, say Reports

The planned 19-day strike, the first such nationwide action in the U.S. in two years, appears to be gathering traction, according to unconfirmed reports. Organizers hope to bring to public attention the spate of deaths in custody as well as what they say are inhumane living conditions.

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Trump Called ‘Unindicted Co-Conspirator’ in Echoes of Watergate

With just a few months until the midterm elections, the Republican Party continues to stand by President Trump, who some legal experts are calling an “unindicted co-conspirator” following his former lawyer Michael Cohen’s admission  Tuesday that he broke campaign finance laws at the behest of the president during the 2016 elections.