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The California Story: Reduced Crime, High Immigration

Crime rates in California have plummeted—especially among youth—over the last 35 years. At the same time, nonwhites have become the majority in the state. The Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice says the parallel trends refute arguments that immigration threatens public safety.

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When Being ‘Facebook-Famous’ Leads to Violence

New York City ‘violence interruptors’ now use social media to intervene when online conflicts threaten to spill over into violence. Mike Perry and Samuel Jackson tell Crime Report editor Stephen Handelman how they do it in the latest episode of “Criminal Justice Matters.”


Gun Violence Kills Business Growth and Jobs: Report

An Urban Institute study released June 1 found that sudden spikes in gun violence can reduce the growth of new businesses, while neighborhoods with higher gun violence had fewer retail and service businesses, and fewer new jobs. The study looked at six U.S. cities.