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Will Police Restraint in Quarantine Enforcement Last?

In some cities, police are reportedly “stacking” charges against violators of stay-at-home orders, reports the Center on American Progress. Many authorities still insist they will use fines and jail sentences only as a last resort; but as infection numbers grow, more hardline policing may be unavoidable.

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Rikers COVID-19 Outbreak Called ‘Public Health Disaster’

In just 12 days, confirmed cases at the Rikers Island jail complex in New York have soared from one to nearly 200, according to Ross MacDonald, the facility’s chief physician. He warned that it is “unlikely” they will be able to stop the growth, predicting that 20 percent of those infected will need hospital treatment. He called for the immediate release of incarcerees.

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More Data Seen Critical to Measuring Coronavirus Impact on Local Justice

The Measures for Justice (MFJ) project, which collects comparative data on the operation of local criminal justice systems nationwide, says it’s doubling down on its efforts so policymakers “can be in a better position to tackle all the same problems, ­and the new ones ­the coronavirus has left in its wake.” Data from a dozen more states will be published this year.

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