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Public Defender Shortages Reaching Critical Levels: Report

The latest report from the American Bar Association and a consulting firm found that the public defender shortages in New Mexico and Oregon are reaching critical levels. Experts warn that these shortages have been the “norm” for years — and if nothing is done soon, more people will be without adequate counsel, violating their constitutional right.

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Train Robberies Increase 160% in Los Angeles

Since December of 2020, train thieves have been increasingly making their presence known. Union Pacific, America’s largest railroad franchise, has only six officers to patrol between Arizona, and the Pacific coast as criminal rail theft jumps.

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Cyberattack on Red Cross Puts Half a Million ‘Vulnerable’ People At Risk

The International Committee of the Red Cross has revealed that hackers have stolen data on over 515,000 “highly vulnerable people,” recipients of aid and services from at least 60 affiliates of the charitable organization worldwide, forcing the aid organization to temporarily halt a program that reunites families torn apart by violence, migration or other tragedies.