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State Legislators Crack Down on Right to Protest

Close to a fifth of state legislatures are pushing for anti-protest bills in a movement that gained momentum after the summer’s protests over the police killing of George Floyd. The measures range from barring demonstrators from public benefits or government jobs to offering legal protections to those who shoot or run over protesters.


Judge Orders Baltimore Cops to Speed Up Reforms

U.S. District Judge James Bredar said that it’s time for the Baltimore Police Department to start showing results after making inroads in officer training and in implementing new policies to correct years of corruption and damaged community relations.

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Lawyers Group Files Ethics Complaint Against Giuliani

Lawyers Defending American Democracy, which includes former judges and federal attorneys among its members, filed an ethics complaint against Rudy Giuliani with New York’s courts, calling for him to be investigated and his law license suspended over his work promoting former President Donald Trump’s false allegations over the 2020 election.

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