‘Blackmailed’ to Comply with the DMV’s Green Light Law?

The Green Light Law went into effect in December 2019, making it legal for undocumented immigrants in NYS to obtain licenses through the DMV. But, many local police departments still haven’t agreed to protect immigrant’s information from agencies like ICE, so the DMV is forcing compliance by “suspending” the police from using the DMV database until they agree.

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Teenage Prison Guards in Oklahoma?

To address the shortage of Oklahoma correction officers, the state is looking to reduce the minimum age for applicants from 20 to 18. The state’s union boss says he hasn’t met one officer who thinks it’s a good idea, and the ACLU calls the plan to use teenagers in one of America’s toughest occupations “scary.”

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‘Outrageous Government Conduct’

The drugs were not real. The sentence was. Emanuel Gerardo Cota-Ruiz, a 36-year-old Mexican immigrant living in Arizona, was sentenced in 2013 to ten years in prison for conspiring to rob a cocaine stash house. Cota-Ruiz had no previous criminal history. He installed drywall. But, as his lawyer explained in court, he was unemployed and desperately searching for money to buy food, clothes and school supplies for his children when he was introduced to someone who described himself as a […]