Baltimore Prosecutor Faces Felony Charges for Perjury

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Baltimore prosecutor Marilyn Mosby faces two counts of perjury for issuing two requests through the CARES Act in 2020 to withdraw about $90,000 from her city retirement account, claiming that the pandemic had caused her financial difficulties, and two counts of making false statements on a loan application for two vacation homes in Florida, using the money she had withdrawn for the down payments and failing to disclose on her mortgage applications that she owed more than $45,000 in taxes to the Internal Revenue Service, reports the New York Times.

Prosecutors said that Mosby also did not reveal her tax troubles in an agreement she had signed with a management company to rent out one of the vacation homes in order to obtain a lower interest rate on her mortgage. The mortgages amounted to more than $900,000 for both homes. If convicted, Mosby would face a maximum sentence of five years in prison on each of the perjury counts and 30 years on each of the charges of making false loan applications. A. Scott Bolden, Mosby’s lawyer, denied the charges and said that the investigation was part of a “historical attack on Black female prosecutors,” adding that Mosby had no intention of stepping down.

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