New Anti-Doping Law Nabs Texas Man in Tokyo Olympics Drug Case

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Eric Lira, an El Paso, Texas, man, has been charged with two criminal counts for international sports doping and for a conspiracy to misbrand drugs, the first of their kind to be issued under the Rodchenkov Anti-Doping Act, which became law in December 2020, for attempting to provide banned performance-enhancing drugs to athletes in the run-up to the Olympic Games in Tokyo, reports the Wall Street Journal. The act criminalizes doping schemes at international sports competitions such as the one attempted by Lira, who claimed to be a “kinesiologist and naturopathic” doctor but doesn’t appear to have a medical or physical therapist license while attempting to provide human growth hormones and the blood-building drug erythropoietin to two track-and-field athletes who resided in Florida in 2021. One of the athletes suspected is Nigerian sprinter Blessing Okagbare, the only competitor suspended from the women’s 100-meter Olympic semifinal race in 2020 over test results for banned substances.

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