Michigan State Police Target Racial Bias in Traffic Stops

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The Michigan State Police (MSP) is seeking to decrease the racial disparity in traffic stops statewide after results from a 2021 Michigan State University School of Criminal Justice study which analyzed the racial and ethnic backgrounds of the drivers that MSP troopers stopped in 2020 showed that Black Michigan residents are more likely to get pulled over by the MSP than white residents, reports Michigan’s TV6. As part of a five-point plan of action to address this issue, the MSP plans to: hire an independent consulting firm to review its policies and recommend systematic changes addressing racial disparities; create a statewide listening and engagement effort with Bridges to B.L.U.E. to form an open dialogue with communities of color; provide real-time traffic stop data to MSP troopers to help them adjust their actions accordingly; create educational opportunities to teach troopers mental health, wellness, de-escalation, cultural competency, decision-making, implicit bias, and communication skills; and issue 1,600 body cameras for troopers to wear by the end of 2022. Additional Reading: Ending Unnecessary Traffic Stops That Can Kill The Crime Report, December 20, 2021. 

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