DOJ Announces New Gun Safety and Storage Rule, Best Practices Guide

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Photo by Rod Waddington via Flickr.

The Department of Justice has announced a new rule to enable the safe and secure storage of firearms and published a Best Practices Guide through the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) for federal firearms licensees (FFLs).

The new rule implements the existing Gun Control Act requirement, which says federal firearms licensees that sell firearms to the general public (non-licensees) must certify that they have available secure gun storage or safety device.

“Today’s announcements build on the department’s efforts to reduce the risk of firearms falling into the wrong hands,” Attorney General Merrick R. Garland said in a statement accompanying the announcement.

“Gun safety is a Department of Justice priority, and we will continue to take all appropriate steps to help reduce the number of people killed and injured by the misuse of firearms.”

Lawmakers also published a final rule to take effect on February 3, 2022, requiring FFLs to certify that they have secure gun storage devices available to their customers for purchase.

While the statute and regulation define a storage or safety device as a safe, gun safe, gun case, lock box, or similar device that can only be unlocked by a key or combination, it recognizes that not all of these devices are compatible with different types of firearms and, therefore, has added an integral requirement to the new rule that FFLs have available secure gun storage options that are compatible with the firearms they are selling.

The ATF’s Best Practices Guide is designed to assist FFLs in complying with all required firearm laws and regulations that are designed to ensure public safety and the traceability of firearms.

A copy of the DOJ statement is available here.

4 thoughts on “DOJ Announces New Gun Safety and Storage Rule, Best Practices Guide

  1. This is called “stupid rule making”. One, it’s unconstitutional, as are all infringements of our rights. Two, it does absolutley nothing to solve anything except to increase cost for firearms sellers.
    It will not have prevented the tragedy it proposes to address for two reasons: 1. They wouldn’t have used the device and no conventional law could or would make them and; 2. They planned on giving the gum to their child in the first place.
    The same situations plays out in every heinous crime involving a firearm. No regulation, rule or law will prevent it (or would have prevented it) considering the ones already on the books didn’t. There are only two things that prevent these tragedies. Parenting/ societal structure/ mental health/ consequences (all under same umbrella); ie: teaching your f**king child right from wrong & that individual rights are the most important & precious aspect of life; and actually prosecuting crimes borne from constitutional laws (those that punish rights infringements) already on the books. But they don’t do either and in consequence we will always end up here.

  2. It is an attempt to make the FFL libel for gun use. Thus ending FFL desire to be in business. Solution. Get your own FFL. Better yet. Time for strict 2nd amendment application and ending of DOJ over reach.

  3. Why would u hold a ffl or a gunsmith responsible to implement a law that most resposible people with firearms have always used as common sense and a safe guard to always lock up their firearms and store them correctly which always keeps them out of the curious and wrong hands.You cant stop a intruder in the middle of the night and protect your family when the intruder is fully armed and all your firearms are locked up.So let me ask you who do you love more your family or a armed intruder who wants to harm your family and you.NO FFL OR DOJ will be able to help when you are in that type of predicament but i can promise you one thing if they have family they will do what they have to protect their familys interest.

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