Will ‘Wrong Gun’ Plea Work for Cop Who Shot Daunte Wright?

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Former suburban Minneapolis police officer Kim Potter says she made an innocent mistake when she reached for her pistol instead of her Taser and shot Daunte Wright, and experts believe that a conviction is uncertain for a jury that will decide whether Potter’s actions rose to recklessness or culpable negligence, as the law requires, reports the Associated Press. Defense attorneys argue that Wright was responsible for his own death because he tried to drive off from a traffic stop and could have dragged an officer to his death if Potter hadn’t intervened. Prosecutors suggested in pretrial filings that Potter should not have even used her Taser. Joe Friedberg, a local defense attorney who isn’t connected to the case, said Wright’s attempt to drive off when Officer Johnson was partly inside the car would have been sufficient grounds for Potter to shoot and kill him intentionally — and that is enough to acquit.

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