Retailers Call for Federal Legislation as Organized Thefts Continue

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Photo by 401(K)12 via Flickr

A nationwide wave of organized retail thefts continued over Thanksgiving weekend and retailers are advocating for federal legislation that would make the online reselling of stolen goods more difficult, reports the Wall Street Journal.

A Best Buy in Minneapolis became the latest victim of the targeted thefts carried out by large groups of individuals who smash windows, take merchandise and often resell stolen goods online through fencing networks.

San Francisco district attorney Chesa Boudin announced felony charges against nine people for allegedly participating in a retail-theft spree that totaled more than $1 million in merchandise.

Law-enforcement agencies from several California counties are working together to combat organized retail theft and break up networks that make this type of crime profitable. Retailers believe that a federal law would reduce the incentive to commit these kinds of large-scale thefts.

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One thought on “Retailers Call for Federal Legislation as Organized Thefts Continue

  1. What nonsense! Every one of these thefts is already a Hobbs Act violation (18 USC 1951), a robbery (as soon as one of the looters touches an employee), and everyone involved is a 1951(a) Hobbs Act conspirator.

    We don’t need more federal laws. The ones on the books are more than enough.

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