Rare Restorative Justice Mediation Used in Officer-Involved Shooting

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On Monday, criminal charges that were brought against a former St. Louis County police officer, Julia Crews, who shot a Black woman were dropped after the survivor, Ashley Fountain Hall, requested a “restorative justice mediation” that focuses on repairing the harm caused by offenders, according to CNN. In 2019, Crews mistakenly drew her firearm instead of using her Taser to restrain Hall, shooting her in the torso, leading to critical injuries. After Crews realized her mistake, she administered aid and “apologized profusely.” Hall lost part of her spleen and suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. 

The prosecutor’s office said Hall and Crews voluntarily participated in a “successful” face-to-face meeting with a mediator through the Restorative Justice Program, and that St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Wesley Bell and Lisa Jones, the office’s manager of Victim Services, also participated in the process. The chief of the restorative justice program said the women “wanted and needed” the healing and resolution they received.

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