Report: Illinois, Other States Receive ‘F’ Grade for Child and Sex Trafficking

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A new report shows a majority of the country is failing when it comes to child and youth sex trafficking, with overall 40 states to receiving an “F” grade, reports 9 other states received a “D” with one state, Florida, receiving a “C.” The report says gaps remain in all areas, including services through a non-punitive system, MDT responses, services through the juvenile justice system, extended foster care services, and appropriations.

Illinois received an “F” grade when looking at the identification of and response to victims, continuum of care, tools for a victim-centered criminal justice response, and prevention and training. It received a “D” grade in access to justice for trafficking survivors and a “B” grade for criminal provisions related to buyer and trafficker accountability under state CSEC laws, decoy defenses, business entity liability under the trafficking law, and financial penalties

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